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What's In A Name
Conditions in Germany
Our German Hometowns
The Journey
Arrival and Settling In
The Glinz/Glintz Names

Explore the Book

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All of the pages within this "Explore The Book" section are in the process of being updated. The chapters that appear here are the most complete, and are offered as a glimpse into what is going on.

"The Glintz / Glinz Family- A Family History"

The following is a reproduction of the table of contents from the book.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                                                                 v

Foreword                                                                                               vi

What’s In A Name? (Some Explanations Are Necessary)                            viii

Conditions In Germany Which Led To Mass Emigration                             10

Attractions to North America                                                                  14

Researching German Records                                                                  15

            The Ammendorf Records                                                             20

Our German Hometowns                                                                         21

The Journey                                                                                           23

Onward to Canada                                                                                  29

Arrival and Settling In                                                                            30

            Andrew John Glintz                                                                    30

            John Carl FREDERICK Glinz (Known as Frederick)                        30

            Ernst Wilhelm Glinz (Known as William)                                      31

            Christian Ernst Glinz (Known as Ernest)                                       31

Conjecture Regarding Dates, Times, and Events                                      36

The Glinz and Glintz Names                                                                    37

            The Meaning                                                                               37

            German Spelling and Phonetics                                                   37

            Other Spelling Variations                                                            38

            Personal Preference                                                                   38

            Social Factors                                                                            38

            Regional Issues                                                                           39

The John Carl Frederick Glinz Walkerton Homestead                              40

Isak (Isaac) and Alban (Alvin) Glinz Homesteads                                      44

Walkerton Notes                                                                                     45

Biographies and Family Stories                                                                49

            1. Descendants of Andrew John Glintz                                         49

                        Andrew John Glintz                                                         49

                        John William Frederick Glintz                                         49

                        Wallace Glintz                                                                51

                        Edna May Glintz                                                              55

                        ...and others still living

            2. Descendants of Ernst Wilhelm Glinz                                         60

                        Ernst Wilhelm Glintz (WILLIAM Glintz)                             60

                        William E. Glintz                                                             62

            3. Descendants of Johann Carl Friederich Glinz                            69

                        Johann Carl Friederich Glinz                                            69

                        Ernest Hans Glinz and Family                                           73

                        Arthur Oswald Glinz and Family                                       76

                        Lulu Maud Glinz (and Frederick Middleton Coombs)          78

                        Harvey Harold Glinz                                                        79

                        Robert Frederick Glinz                                                    80

                        ... and others still living

                        Amelia (nee Rausch) Cline                                               83

                        Isak (Isaac) Glinz and Family                                           84

                        Frederick Alban (Alvin) Glinz and Family                         86

                        ...and others still living

                        Ethel (nee Glinz) Leslie                                                   97

                        Ida (nee Glinz) Ockenden (McCabe and Family                 98

                        ...and others still living

            4. Descendants of Christian Ernst (Ernest) Glinz                           101

                        James Ernest Glinz and Family                                        101

                        Violet (nee Glinz) Welstad and Family                             102

                        ...and others still living

Appendix A – Detailed Map of Germany                                                    107

Appendix B - Family Tree Attachments Explanations                                109

Appendix C – Outline Report                                                                    110

Appendix D – Generational Report                                                           126

Appendix E – Family Documentation                                                        141

Appendix F – Official Documentation                                                       144

Official Records Reproductions – German Records (Baptism, Marriage)     145

Official Records Reproductions – Canada (Census Records)                       150

Transcribed Records – Canada – Ontario (Births)                                       155

Transcribed Records – Canada – Ontario (Marriages)                                 156

Transcribed Records – Canada – Ontario (Deaths)                                     157

Index                                                                                                      159

Bibliography                                                                                           164

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