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A Glinz / Glintz Family History

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I am glad you have found us again!

We have revised and relocated our Glinz / Glintz Family History Genealogy website.

Notice of Changes

In order to provide new features and additional content we have relocated to this new and larger location. In an effort to keep costs to a minimum, this website is subsidized with "banner advertising" which appears across the top of each page. I do apologize for this necessary inconvenience and I will strive to find "advertising free" webspace in the future.

I would ask that you bookmark both this new site's address (URL) and the old site (see table below). This new site's location may change at some point in the future and in order to find where it moves to you will always be able to refer back to the old site. The old site will always contain a link and the URL address of the latest location of the new site. In other words the old site is "permanent" (but unfortunately too small) and the new site may move from time to time as "better" space is found.


Location (URL Address)
 Old (Original) Website
 New Website

Once again I apologize for the inconvenience but assure you it is necessary to allow the site to grow and provide greater amounts of information. Please stay with us and come on in!


Warmest greetings to all family, friends and curious onlookers. I hope this family history website is of interest to all. I welcome your feedback and take this opportunity to solicit your help in adding to what is known and shared about the Glinz family. I would love to hear from family members and I sincerely hope that others will want to contribute what they know to make the history more complete. I would also like to share any photos and family stories that you may have.

By the way, you can also ask me about the Schaus Family, and how to obtain their professionally printed family history.

For frequent visitors, be sure to check the News Page to find out what has changed on this website.

Gre! Sprechen Sie deutsch?

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This website, like the book, is also a work in progress. Wherever you see this little person and the words "Under Contrustion" it will denote pages where changes are underway or soon to  happen.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Files!

Begin by clicking any of the navigation bar buttons at the left.

Be sure to check out the "News" page to find out what has been happening, and the details of any changes that have been made.

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